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IP Video Wall management and control

Das Bild eines Fußballspielers verteilt über mehrere zusammengeschlossene Displays.


Content from the network in any format

ICUE-GRID is a decentralized IP-based video wall for variable display of video streams. The ICUE-GRID enables the display of video streams on single displays as well as across multiple displays in any resolution.

Due to the decentralized architecture and the associated distribution of computing power, the display possibilities are almost limitless. There are almost no limitations when it comes to resolution, number of displays and video streams as well as their positioning across multiple displays. The ICUE-GRID is therefore ideally suited for control centers, control rooms, as a multiviewer as well as for artistic video installations.

Simply select the appropriate video source and drag and drop it into the ICUE-GRID layout. Layouts and presets can be saved and flexibly recalled at any time. Adding new videos anywhere as easy as child’s play. Ideal for control rooms, simulators, point of sales, sports and events, presentations, corporate communication, education, banking, television broadcasting and many other applications.



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