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Play your own content

With the TMP3 MediaPlayer solution, you can show your own content on any display to guests, residents or patients – at the right moment, decided by you.

What can the Mediaplayer do?

The TMP3 can both work de-centralized and display information through a HDMI connection (for example on a lobby screen) as well as centralized in conjunction with an encoder and a head-end station by being fed into the local network as its own TV channel.

The integrated media converter makes the upload and playing of whichever content incredibly easy and user-friendly. Features such as uninterrupted loop playback or the embedding of background music enable a professional and simple creation of playlists. No matter the type of information that needs to be shared, the OpenVPN connection even allows access outside the local network via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Mit der MediaPlayer-Lösung TMP3 können Sie Ihren Gästen, Bewohnern oder Patienten eigene Inhalte auf Endgeräten anzeigen – zu Ihren definierten Zeiten.

Share content in three easy steps:

Easy to operate, right away

All you need to confi gure the unit is a PC and a browser connected to the network interface – the configuration is done through a HTML user interface where the content is easily created and scheduled to be played via the dashboard. The content can be easily managed through the dashboard and played out at pre-set times.

Connect the device to the display or encoder and access the local network

Access the dashboard via the browser

Upload content, schedule and play

Secure, smart and simple: The GSS Cast Server

Guest Experience

Keep your audience up-to-date about your content through their television sets – with no login or registration required. Channel 1 could be reserved for your most important announcements, such as event information, menus or opening hours.

Excellently managed

Thanks to the scheduler function, you will have an optimal overview at all times. To set up the starting time, you can select the days of the week when the content should be played, as well as the time window for the screening:

  • First day – last day
  • Start day only – ∞
  • End day only

Media output

The output is via the HDMI interface (v2.0) with a resolution of 1920x1080p 50Hz. All formats are supported in the upload:

Video: .ts, .3g2, .mkv, .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .m4v, .3gp
Audio: .mp3
Images: .jpg, .png und .pdf

Did you know?

With our other smart products, such as the Smartserver and Smart Compact, up to 10 static media player channels can be shown without additional licenses. This allows you to broadcast information through IPTV or via the DVB-C network as your own TV channel.

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With our complete package consisting of the TMP3 and the necessary accessories, you will receive everything you need to feed into your TV infrastructure at a straightforward, one-off cost.

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