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With the GSS Cast Server, your guests can feel right at home by streaming their own content to the hotel TV.

What is Chromecast?

For a long time, hotel entertainment was limited to TV channels and video on demand. With Chromecast technology, guests can now use hotel TVs to enjoy both their own content as well as all the major streaming providers. Just like at home, guests can access beloved content from Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, WOW TV and many others on their smartphones.
By simply accessing the Casting-feature on any of those apps, the content will be played on the hotel room TV. The Chromecast-standard works on both Android and iOS and is supported by more than 2.000 different apps.

GSS Cast Server mit Chromecast Stick im Vordergrund.

Stream content as easy as One, Two, Three

Here's how your guests will feel right at home

Just like at home, guests will be able to use all of their favorite streaming apps, without having to log in anywhere. The GSS Chromecast solution allows for an effortless transmission of the guests’ favorite content. Here’s how it goes:

Connect to the hotel Wi-Fi

Scan the QR code on the TV

Stream content from your favorite app

With the user-friendly interface, the guest is taken through the process smoothly.
This way, no questions will remain unanswered!

Secure, smart and simple: the GSS Cast Server

Data protection oriented

We take the protection of your guests’ personal data extremely seriously. GSS’ technical solution ensures that the cache is cleared and the history deleted after every check-out, thus making sure no new guest has any access to the data of the previous ones.

Simple installation

The Chromecast System is easy to implement and consists of two components: the GSS Cast Server as central gateway and the Chromecast devices. The only prerequisites are a HDMI connection to the TV and a hotel-wide Wi-Fi network.

Excellently managed

Thanks to our management software you will always retain a perfect overview. You will gain insight into the bandwidth used, monitor the status of
the built-in Chromecast and can use statistics to anonymously evaluate the usage of your guests. The server also ensures the correct assignment of Chromecast devices and secures the protection of guests‘ personal data.

Theft protection

The clever mount firmly attaches the Chromecast to the TV and prevents theft or unauthorized resets of the Chromecast by your guests.

Get on board with GSS

Benefit from our strong solutions, to lead your hotel into the age of streaming. You will receive the complete package consisting of the GSS Cast Server and the number of Chromecast devices your establishment needs, for a straightforward, one-off cost.

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