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Headend stations / DVB-Gateways

The right headend station for your application

GSS headend stations allow you to receive satellite (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X), terrestrial (DVB-T), and cable (DVB-C) signals for professional channel preparation and streaming applications.

The DVB Common Interface (CI) and multiplex functions allow pay TV channels to be decrypted centrally and programs to be sorted into new channel assignments or, thanks to program filters, services for data reduction to be switched off directly.

The right choice for every application: You can obtain the head ends in different designs and for different areas of application. For example the 19″ headends as IPTV source for hospitality projects, data loggers and transcoding servers as well as compact industrial appliances with active and passive cooling for DVB-C modulation for feeding into coax networks in residential buildings.

Features (model-dependent):


Smart ServerSmart compactDMM SeriesDCH Series
Design19'' 4HEIndustrial appliance19'' 1HE/4HE19'' 1 HE
DVB InputS/S2/S2X, T/T2, C/C2S/S2/S2X, T/T2, C/C2S/S2, T/T2, CS/S2, T/T2, C
Streaming Input✔ 10x HLS/SRT (Optional)✔ 3x HLS/SRT--
TunerUp to 32Up to 24Up to 328
CI✔ up to 8-✔ up to 16✔ 8
Output DVB-C✔ up to 24x✔ up to 16x--
Output ASI--✔ up to 16✔ 10 (8+2)
Output IP✔ up to 160x SPTS (UDP/RTP) ✔ up to 16x MPTS✔ up to 160x SPTS (UDP/RTP) ✔ up to 16x MPTS-✔ up to 64x SPTS (UDP/RTP)
Redundant power supply unit✔ (Optional)-✔ (4HE)
GSS Smart Server

GSS Smart Server

High-performance 19” headend station

The official successor to the GSS.lamina: This server-based headend station forms the interface between reception technology and IT. Equipped with up to 32 DVB-S/S2/S2X tuners, optional HLS input routing to SPTS (UDP/RTP) and up to 24 DVB-C output channels (depending on the model), the Smart Server allows maximum flexibility for your reception system. Stream live TV, decrypted pay TV channels, HTTP live streams (HLS) from data centers, and up to 10 custom MediaPlayer channels in continuous loop to your IPTV network. Simultaneous modulation of the services in DVB-C is possible with the hybrid options. The proven intuitiveness of the HTML GUI guides you through the settings and offers a variety of useful features, such as loading configurations for mobile reception equipment on ships, generating program lists for a wide range of TV and set-top box manufacturers, as well as filtering services. When an Internet connection is available, the Smart Server can be accessed and managed worldwide via OpenVPN.

GSS Smart Compact

GSS Smart Compact

Compact and innovative: HLS/SRT input routing included

The new smart Compact headend station operates on a specially designed industrial appliance. The active and passive cooling combination guarantees smooth continuous operation. Depending on the variant, the Smart Compact outputs 60 SPT streams (UDP/RTP) and 16x MPT streams, in addition to converting up to 16 DVB-S2X transponders to DVB-C. The routing of 3 HTTPS-Live-Streams or SRT to IP streams and/or DVB-C is possible without additional licenses. With these features, the Smart Compact product series is not only a successor to the GSS.compact STC 4-16 – it also opens up new possibilities for the distribution of picture and sound for residential construction and small cable networks.

Teracue DMM-Series
Teracue DMM-Series

Teracue DMM-Series

Modular DVB-Gateway (1HE / 4HE)

The chassis and modules of the DMM series form a modular DVB-to-IP solution. The modules of the DMM-221 series are equipped with 2 independent tuners for the reception of DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 or DVB-C per variant. The DMM-421 modules allow the reception of DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 or DVB-C via 4 independent tuners. In addition to the TS/IP output, a variety of other outputs such as ASI, HDMI and CVBS are supported. The IRD contains a H.265 (HEVC), H.264 (AVC) and MPEG-2 decoder. Two DVB Common Interfaces (CI) for Conditional Access Systems (CAS) are available per module for decoding multiple pay TV services. Hot-swap receiver modules and a redundant power supply in the DMM-110-FR chassis make the DVB gateway a perfect component in your IPTV reception system.

Front view of the Teracue DCH 380D
Rear view of the Teracue DCH 380D

Teracue DCH-Series

8-Kanal DVB-Gateway

The DCH-380D is a compact, cost-effective DVB-IP gateway for IPTV headends. The gateway is equipped with eight independent tuners, which can process DVB-S/S2, S2X, T/T2 or C inputs, depending on the version. In addition to TS/IP output, it supports a wide range of applications due to its ASI outputs and integrated remultiplexer. Eight DVB Common Interface (CI) ports for Conditional Access Systems (CAS) are available for decoding pay TV channels. In addition, the DCH-380D also supports BISS decryption. The compact 1U design with redundant power supply makes the DCH-380D an ideal solution for your IPTV project.

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