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Quality accessories for the best reception

With our accessories you can receive and distribute satellite and antenna signals. The accessories are suitable not only for single but also for multi-user systems. Our meticulous quality standards guarantee you the highest workmanship from GSS.

Low Noise Blockconverter (LNB)

  • Legacy-LNB
  • Monoblock-LNB
  • Single-cable LNB
  • Easyfind-LNB


  • 5x Multiswitch
  • 9x Multiswitch
  • Single-cable Multiswitch


  • Camping-Set without Receiver
  • Camping-Set with Receiver


  • HDTV Sat-Receiver

Junction boxes

  • 3-hole (junction box)
  • 3-hole (pass-through box)
  • 4-hole (junction box)

Wall mount

  • pivotable
  • inclinable
  • rotatable
  • flat

Individual consultation

Skytronic GmbH is responsible for the distribution of GSS products in the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Find out more about ordering and finding a contact person for your consultation here: