Optical Transmission Equipment

Optical SAT IF Distribution

Optical LNB

Optical LNB for the conversion of the received satellite signals to optical fiber signals.
Optical LNB set Optical LNB set consisting of: Optical LNB with N connector. The frequencies and the power supply are…

Optical Converters

The Optical Converter Quattro converts the received optical fiber signal to 4 satellite ranges HH, HL, VH and VL.
The Optical Converter Quad converts the received optical fiber signals to 4 receiver outputs.

Optical Splitters

1 input, 2 outputs
1 input, 3 outputs
1 input, 4 outputs
1 input, 8 outputs
1 input, 16 outputs
1 input, 32 outputs

Optical Attenuators

Optical attenuator 5 dB, 10 dB, 15 dB, 20 dB Connection: FC/PC

Optical Cables with Connectors

Optical pre-manufactured cable 1 m - 200 m pre-manufactured Optische Anschlüsse: FC/PC

Optical Cable Connector

Optical Cable connector Optical connection: FC - FC

Optical Measuring Instrument

Optical Measuring Instrument Measurement of optical power Measurement of optical attenuation Measurement of optical insertion-loss

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