The GSS Grundig Systems GmbH is a manufacturer of innovative TV reception technologies with its headquarter in Nuremberg. Our core business is the development of multi-user reception systems with head-end station systems. Further we operate a service department for turnkey systems and sell several components for satellite distribution (e.g. multiswitches, LNBs, etc.).

GSS has its origins in the long-standing Grundig AG. It founded the business unit 'Head-end Stations and Satellite Systems' in 1995. Management, development, production and service have been independently continued with the name 'GSS Grundig Systems GmbH' since 2004.

Today GSS is the number one of the manufacturers of professional head-end station technology in German-speaking areas. Customers of different branches set upon our experiences, our know how and the quality of our innovative products. We operate or business with our 30 employees in more than 40 countries.

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